Marketing & Public Relations

We are strategic and compelling, flexible and responsive. We blend research-based strategies with creativity to design impactful communication campaigns that are fresh, support organizational objectives, build awareness and generate leads. We bring our clients’ story to light in a manner that resonates with journalists, key stakeholders and publics.

Health Communication & Social Marketing

At Impel, Ltd. we understand that to the consumer, health information can often be challenging and complex. Through the integration of research-based knowledge, theory, and practice we create tailored designs that are appealing, simple and practical. Evidence based research shows that health communication and social marketing initiatives are effective in influencing behavior.

We are committed to the creation of innovative solutions that educate and inform to move audiences to action. The end result is the prompting of behavioral change, improved patient outcomes and having an important effect towards enhancing life.

Through the implementation of multiple channels, campaigns support the increase of knowledge and change beliefs, perceptions and attitudes in targeted markets. This ensures greater efficacy towards desired results.

Services and Capabilities

Branding: The organization's promise and differentiating factors: identity, logo design & development, brand strategy and management.

Strategic Communication: From concept to program and campaign design and execution. Community relations & event support.

Marketing Communication and Support: Graphic & website design, collateral material & writing services.

Public Relations: Press releases, media relations, copy writing services, social media content strategy.

Consulting Services & Marketing Plans: project design, promotion business development & one to one marketing advocacy, coalition building.

Health Communication & Social Marketing: Communication messages & strategies, collateral material, program & campaign design.